El BREXIT progresa muy poco a poco

15 March 2019

It has been a little less than two years since the negotiations to make BREXIT possible , let us remember that a little more than a year ago the United Kingdom wants to detach or detach from the European Union by popular decision, it is being the closest thing to a divorce, since it is being a very slow process and with many obstacles, in the article we will explain everything that happened and the “progress” after a year of negotiations.

Recapping what happened at BREXIT

As we have said before, the United Kingdom decided by popular vote to leave the European Union after a question posed on June 23, 2017: should the United Kingdom continue to be part of the European Union, yes or no? Where the results showed that a large part of the citizens of the United Kingdom, exactly 17,410,742 agree to leave the European Union against 16,577,342 who still want to remain part of the EU.

Although the difference is not much between those who agree and those who do not, the participation was very large, we are talking about 72 percent of the population. It is also very important to know that no member of the EU has ever left the 28 countries that make it up. Many experts see it as a disadvantage or a bad decision on the part of the United Kingdom, but the truth is that little can be done if it is a popular majority.

The departure of the United Kingdom is a strong blow, especially if they wanted to carry out the multiple projects that the European Union wanted for the European continent, which its origins were to avoid another great war on European territory and recover from the great social bleeding as economic that left as a consequence the Second World War.

After the BREXIT or departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union was proposed, many awareness raising projects have been carried out, since a kind of “war of ideas” has been formed between citizens, forming the BREMAIN project as a game of words between Great Britain and Remain (remains) albeit unsuccessful in society or at the voters’ ballot box.

But, what led the Kingdom to want to get rid of the European Union? The United Kingdom has been part of the European Union since 1973 , although it has had great discrepancies with the ideas of the EU on the issue of independence on centralization in the heart Of the controversies, they did not want to adopt the euro as their currency but the pound sterling and among other problems that led to the conclusion of wanting to leave the group.

Many celebrities such as their prime minister David Cameron, the former president of the United States of America Barack Obama and other countries such as Germany and France tried to convince them to stay in the EU since they earned much more this way, since they can sell goods and services to other nations more easily if he was part of the group, where one of the most convincing arguments was “Britain and the European Union need a therapy session, not a divorce .

Conclusions and future of BREXIT

Although it is evident that it is a mistake for the United Kingdom to get rid of the European Union, they still insist on leaving, in the same way it is being seen more like a divorce process due to the thousands of processes that have been seen, it took 6 months to get with the real negotiations, six more months to notify London to let the EU understand their decision and a very tedious process is being done, it may well be carried out, but first they will have to go through all those processes and there is no way to streamline.